OffChain is a global networking community for blockchain and crypto enthusiasts that started in 2017. OffChain welcomes a wide range of like-minded people, from blockchain developers, to crypto VC’s; from miners and quant traders, to people who just own a little bitcoin. We welcome everyone who has an interest in blockchain and crypto. OffChain aims to have a base of regular social gatherings sometimes with speakers or just to mingle in from time-to-time.

If you would like to join the social network for the city you live in, you can connect with the following contacts:

💫Twitter https://twitter.com/offchainglobal
💫LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/offchain
💫Global TG group https://t.me/+oP-XBIf_8QgzMTJl
💫NFT group https://t.me/+8YJy7ZsmiAFhMDY1
💫OC Trading TG group https://t.me/+Kp_H8g5rPCxjYTM1
💫OC Jobs TG group https://t.me/+XBpEBkTO-HZjOTk1
💫OC Mining group https://t.me/+R9sIuX9jBYliYTg1
💫OC Podcast https://anchor.fm/offchaininsidersinsight

Bali: +62 813-3941-8861 (telegram)
Beijing: cryptobuddhaa (WeChat)
Chengdu: bw18144364283 (WeChat)
Guangzhou: violinvivaldi (WeChat)
Hangzhou: ShawnLin13 (WeChat)
Hong Kong: +85296185012 (WhatsApp)
Kunming: JimBo9 (WeChat)
Maui: @andrewaker (telegram)
Shanghai: shahinadelnz (WeChat)
Singapore: +6587981433
Shenzhen: hakimhakimhakim (WeChat)
Suzhou: ak5-369 (WeChat)
Xiamen: dzimji (WeChat)

WeChat Topic Groups:

NFTs and Gaming (WeChat: hakimhakimhakim)
Eth (WeChat: richadg)
Solana (WeChat: brice_m)
Defi (WeChat: shahinadelnz)
Polygon (WeChat: shahinadelnz)

Feel free to contact us for more information or for potential cooperation at: [email protected]